"Where quality is a Quest"

Welsh ponies Section A & B

Sunwillow Yasmin Eyarth Windflower
Heniarth Yippee-aye-Yeah Rhoson Anoushka
Heniarth Yeeha Sheila Rhoson Dorti
Heniarth Yesterday Rhoson Siesta
Heniarth Chiff Chaff Heniarth Tittle-Tattle
Heniarth Dilyscious Heniarth Ting-a-Ling
Heniarth Gloriumptious Rhoson Sipsi
  Rhoson Anna-Lena
  Rhoson Persawr
  Heniarth Toodle-oo
  Heniarth Ta-dah
  Heniarth Soliloquy
  Heniarth Tarantella
  Heniarth Arietta

As you can appreciate from our introduction on the homepage, the female line in our ponies is very important and we feel offers both us and potential new owners a consistency of type and character than cannot be hoped for with a randomly selected background. In the Mountain Ponies we were able to secure this with the purchase of Sunwillow Quest  in 1994 after many years of homework dealing with various bloodlines from around the world. However, we are merely custodians with the story starting long before that. Our female line heralded by the legendary Coed Coch Siaradus was in more recent times promoted by Sunwillow Bernina who brought in yet another line of Coed Coch Glyndwr and in using Coed Coch Salsbri on his neice Bernina, cemented the type even further. Our challenge has been to select the future generations to move forward. We were fortunate to be able to secure Quest's daughter, Sunwillow Yasmin just prior to Quest's arrival, so between them they have been a great foundation for us, not just in their show ring victories but with there presence in the paddock at home that has brought them many admirers. We have never bred a lot of ponies each year so we have tended to retain the majority of females from this line, luckily all have served us well. Sunwillow
Mutters came at the end of her career and has played an important part for us as both the dam of Dukes Hill Magnum, the sire of Heniarth Quip and of course Heniarth Mr.Milligan. Mutters retained the Bernina dam line but brought in the consistent Revel "P" family through her sire Playsome. This same family was also featured in Gwyn Rhosyn Cellina by Revel Cello out of a Revel Pye mare who left us Heniarth Coron, a Royal Welsh ridden champion prior to her leaving to set up her own new dynasty in Sweden. The current Mountain pony herd only consist of the Quest family. Sadly our Royal Welsh champion mare Heniarth Yum Yum was taken too soon but she lives on through her daughter Heniarth Dilyscious by Mr.Milligan, so therefore combining the two great matriarchs.
The present day Section B herd follows a similar pattern though has evolved under different circumstances. Currently all the females trace back to Weston Twiggy albeit from different directions. Her great grand-daughter Eyarth Windflower has led in the way of type and character since her arrival in 1988 whereas the same blood has been mixed with the Downland lines that have a family link with Meirion since the early seventies with dams of equal consistency such as Downland Rhamant by Downland Romance, Downland Rapture by Downland Dragoon and Downland Rosewood by Downland Chevalier who in turn are out of Downland Camelia, credited for retaining the charm and pony character. This combination appears to be giving us both height, movement and bone which we hope to see in our Section B stock.
(Photos from the top: Sunwillow Quest, Sunwillow Bernina and Downland Rapture)